When I started out as an oncology pharmacist, I was frustrated. Every day we were working with these computers with incredible power, but to perform the routine dose calculations there was no single tool. I’d use my desk calculator for weight based dosing. I’d use another website to determine BSA, once I got that, back to my desk calculator to get to the final dose. And for dosing carboplatin I’d have to find another resource to calculate creatinine clearance, then again back to my desk calculator to manually apply the Calvert equation. All of this switching around between tools could only open the door to human error. Further, the online calculators I did use were not always one click away. They were embedded in pages that were just so busy because they were added to an existing website, not designed with the primary goal of quality calculation. Often these pages were thick with advertising and distractions that were offensive to my clean desk personality. And finally, those online calculators were often not transparent about their choice of equation or their rounding protocol.

It didn’t take me long to decide to build a tool in Excel for my daily work, to get completely away from the online calculator scene. And after building and using my personal ChemoCalculator for a while I decided to publish it on the web. For around 10 years it was the go-to calculator for myself and a number of my colleagues. As a single page site it never made it into the search engines so it only got around by word of mouth. Recent events conspired to send that website to the ash heap. Back to the drawing board. But what seemed at first to be a big problem turned into an opportunity to do something I had long toyed with the idea of doing. Why not build a better ChemoCalculator? And why stop there?

WWW.drkcalcs.com is a work in progress. This website is an effort to provide practitioners with high quality calculators that they can feel comfortable with. The equations and rounding protocols are all described in detail in the description pages. There should be no doubt as to which equations are being used, how rounding and converting is executed, and how the results are being presented. Further, the calculators themselves often will offer guidance regarding limitations of the equations, improving the quality of the information obtained.

As the developer of this site, I am very interested in the feedback from users. Feel free to contact me with requests for anything from minor modifications to full custom calculator development. I am quite interested in ideas for new calculators. I would like to make DrKCalcs.com a go-to website for the oncology community to start, and ultimately for the medical community at large.