Welcome to Dr. K’s Calculators

Welcome to Dr. K’s Calculators!

This website is dedicated to the development of useful medical calculators. Currently the Adult ChemoCalculator offers a number of calculations, including AUC and BSA dose calculations. Any of 4 different equations may be used and the user can indicate if the dose should be calculated based on actual, ideal or adjusted body weight. The same calculator will offer weight based dosing and AUC dosing for carboplatin in adults, similarly with the flexibility to choice of body weight and equation.

All equations and rounding protocols are available on the site to maximize the users’ confidence in the quality of the results they will obtain. Further, some common sense advice is offered within some of the calculators to help avoid some of the more common pitfalls.

Dr. K continues developing calculators. Some recent additions include an amputee BSA calculator, a rate calculator for rituximab and two brands of IVIG as well as a simple adult creatinine clearance calculator.

Feel free to contact Dr. K with questions, requests or recommendations through the contact page.